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What's the only way to stop the FullStop slate?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Dear Licensee,

Voting in this year’s Bencher election ends on Friday at 5 p.m. Eastern.

If you’ve yet to vote, the Good Governance Coalition would like to ask for your support. You can learn more about our team of experienced leaders from across Ontario here.

We’d also like you to consider voting for all 40 lawyers or all five paralegals who are Coalition candidates. We know how that sounds. But the risk of the FullStop slate taking over our governing body is real—and though we won’t vote as a bloc if elected, the math is simple. Only a bloc can stop another bloc.

(Don’t take our word for why the FullStop slate shouldn’t run the Law Society. Here’s an open letter from eight former LSO Treasurers about their concerns.)

We organized a group of experienced, representative, and independent candidates to give you a clear choice. In the last Bencher election, only the FullStop slate ran as a bloc. Thanks to vote-splitting, it nearly took the LSO over, failing only because it ran too few candidates. Yet despite less than a third of voters actually voting for FullStop candidates every single one of them won.

We’ll repeat that: Less than a third of voters voted for them, yet they all won.

We’re not thrilled by coalitions or slates. If elected, we’ll explore if they can be prevented in future elections.

But in this election, vote-splitting favours the Full-Stop slate. If you’ve not voted yet, please consider voting for all Coalition candidates. And if you have voted, please, get a friend to do the same.

The Good Governance Coalition

P.S. No matter what some people say, no Coalition candidate will re-introduce the Statement of Principles.

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