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We are lawyers and paralegals from across Ontario. We work in firms of all sizes and are sole practitioners. We lead NGOs, work in legal clinics, or are in-house counsel. Still more work for the Ministry of the Attorney General or are professors. We reflect the diversity of our professions—how we practice, where we live, and who we are. There's a list of some of our current and former positions below.

And we formed the Coalition to stop the vote-splitting that in the last Bencher election almost allowed the extreme Full Stop slate to take our governing body over, putting self-regulation at risk. The Law Society's responsibilities are too great to risk that happening again. Nothing less than our continued ability to self-regulate is at stake.


By voting for Coalition candidates, that won't happen again. Instead, we will return decorum to Convocation by electing Benchers who take their fiduciary responsibilities seriously.

The Law Society's responsibilities are too many and too large to be side-tracked. So we're asking you to elect leaders who reflect our profession—and its values. Coalition candidates don't agree on everything, but we do agree on one thing: The LSO needs Benchers who understand and will execute its important fiduciary duties, and who value diversity over division. 

It's time to bring competent, experienced, and representative leadership back to the Law Society. Its good governance is essential to lawyers, paralegals, and the public. Without Benchers committed to safeguarding the profession and ensuring the LSO is financially able to regulate lawyers and paralegals in the public interest, its ability to self-regulate is endangered.

Self-regulation is a privilege dependent on us demonstrating to Ontarians and the government that we deserve it. Weakening the Law Society and being side-tracked by time-consuming motions that have little to do with its mandate, or even weakening its finances to the point it lacks the resources needed to regulate, is a recipe for losing self-regulation. It has already been lost in Britain and Australia. We cannot let the same happen here.

The Law Society's mandate is vital and being a Bencher is a serious job with serious responsibilities. Last election, despite receiving a minority of votes, the slate almost took the LSO over, failing only because it ran too few candidates. It is unlikely to repeat that mistake this time, but this time the experienced leaders running for the Coalition are here to offer a clear choice.

We ask you to join us in returning competent good governance to the Law Society of Ontario.

Some of the positions held by Coalition candidates include past presidents of:

  • Canadian Bar Association

  • Canadian Corporate Counsel Association

  • Canadian Defence Lawyers

  • Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (Ontario) (2)

  • Federation of Law Associations of Ontario (2)

  • L’Association des Juristes D’Expression Française de l’Ontario (AJEFO)

  • Ontario Bar Association

  • Ontario Trial Lawyers Association

  • Womens Lawyers’ Association of Ontario

  • Many County Law Associations

And our practice areas are as diverse as yours:

  • Civil litigators (16)

  • Paralegals (5)

  • Criminal defence (4)

  • Professional regulation (4)

  • Solicitors (4)

  • Family law (2)

  • Hybrid litigation and real estate (2)

  • In-house counsel (2)

  • Legal clinics (2)

  • Academia (1)

  • Crown (1)

  • Hybrid litigation and real estate (2)

  • Mediator/Arbitrator (1)

" The LSO needs experienced leadership committed to good governance"

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