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The Law Society's competence and professionalism starts at the top—with its Benchers. With its statutory obligation to regulate lawyers and paralegals in the public’s interest, the good governance of the Law Society matters. The Bencher Good Governance Coalition is committed to operating the LSO in a fiscally responsible manner so important services like law libraries and its ability to self-regulate are protected. And despite what some people say, no Coalition candidate will re-introduce the Statement of Principles.

Coalition candidates are guided by the following values:

  • We will each vote independently and in the public interest, not as a bloc.

  • We are professionals who believe good governance is evidence-based and respects a diversity of views.  

  • We will bring decorum and respectful debate back to Convocation, and respect the Law Society’s professional management and staff.

  • We will respect stakeholders, including the judiciary, government, and the public.

  • We support legal and paralegal professions that are equitable, diverse, and inclusive. And a Law Society that actively addresses discrimination and which includes representation from each of its many perspectives.

  • We support establishing an LSO working group to determine whether it needs electoral reform to prevent the running of slates in Bencher elections.

  • We affirm paralegal services are critical.

  • We value the energy of newer professionals and are dedicated to supporting new licensees and entrants to the profession.

  • And we accept, support, and will abide by the LSO’s Bencher Code of Conduct.


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