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Proven leaders.
Professional values.

The Law Society needs good governance to regulate in the public interest, and can't afford the Full Stop slate taking our governing body over.

This Bencher election, let's return competent, representative leadership to the Law Society by electing candidates running for the Good Governance Coalition. We're as diverse as our professions—how we practice, where we live and who we are. And we're ready to put our experience to use to fulfill the LSO's important duties to lawyers, paralegals, and the public.

Here's a printable list of all Coalition candidates.

Being a Bencher is serious work for serious people. Let’s elect them in 2023



Sign up for our newsletter to learn the latest as the Coalition grows, learn of upcoming events near you, and ways you can get involved. This Bencher election matters and we can’t do it alone. Please, sign up below to find out more as the campaign continues and help us elect serious people to do a serious job.

"There's a clear choice this Bencher election. Let's elect the competent, experienced, and representative leaders running for the Coalition."

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