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We're endorsed by 20 former Presidents of The Advocates' Society

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

As former Presidents of The Advocates’ Society, we are pleased to endorse the Bencher Good Governance Coalition in the 2023 Bencher election.

This year’s Bencher election matters: our ability to self-regulate is at stake. The Law Society of Ontario needs experienced leaders committed to good governance in the public interest.

As advocates, we know the importance of fair and principled decision-making, access to justice, and competency supports like the Member Assistance Program and libraries. As former Presidents of one of Canada’s largest legal associations, we also know the importance of a strong board of directors whose members bring diverse views and meaningful governance experience to the role.

The Coalition includes current and former Benchers, as well as first-time candidates. They are all well-respected members of their local bars, who have served the profession and their communities with integrity. Some of them are former Advocates’ Society board members. They work in firms of all sizes and as sole practitioners. They come from all corners of Ontario – from Timmins to Windsor, and from Cornwall to Kenora.

The Coalition wants to bring decorum to Convocation, respect a diversity of views, and make decisions based on evidence. We are confident that Coalition candidates reflect these important values of our profession.

We encourage all Ontario lawyers to vote in the upcoming Bencher election between April 19 and 28, 2023.

The 40 candidates of the Bencher Good Governance Coalition have our vote.


Bradley E. Berg, FCIArb.

Sonia Bjorkquist

Earl A. Cherniak, K.C., LSM

Peter J.E. Cronyn

Michael Eizenga, LSM

Sandra A. Forbes

Brian Gover, LSM

Peter H. Griffin, LSM

Marie T. Henein, LSM

C. Clifford Lax, K.C., LSM

Jeffrey S. Leon, LSM

Mark D. Lerner

Peter J. Lukasiewicz

Scott Maidment

Alan H. Mark

Martha A. McCarthy, LSM

Deborah E. Palter

Guy J. Pratte, Ad. E., LSM, OC

Linda Rothstein, LSM, ASM

Philippa G. Samworth, ASM

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